Elvin Karaaslan
visual artist 


Reality is not in the borders of their own objects, infact it’s hidden in their relationships with other objects. In this sense the selected object is only a part of the whole around the other objects. One thing to focus on is to choose the most important part that to be able to tell us the whole thing and express it with the right relationships. In this case, each of these pieces created can also exist on its own. This is to regulate these fragments by removing them from their surroundings.

Intellectual and aesthetic fragmentum are an indication of individual insulations, isolations, alienations along with modernization of social fragmentation. The integrity will be deleted whilst tracks are being clearer and more obedient.

At this point, active participation of the viewer is important. These parts which are incompleted or the unknowns are being searched allow the viewer to enter into occupation as we have some predictions and inferences about the situations. These images are like the missing sentences.

The important thing is, the activity of mixed thoughts passing through the minds during the viewers try to construe. The purpose of this mental process is to convince the audience to pursue their own stories. The result is an uncanniness which is created by the whole of the mixed thoughts passing through the viewer’s minds which are not be able to get the fact because of the missing pieces.

This video is the first in a series of digital symposiums entitled Designing Engaging Writing Assignments. The focus of this first video is on the importance of assignment help Assignments. In this version of WebCT, Assignments offers more options and greater flexibility, combining the functionality of the CE 4 Student Homepages and

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